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Friday, March 4, 2011

Making Choices

My disease used to make my choices, now I do.

When we are successful making choices, the choices are ones that we make. When we make poor choices, it is our compulsive eating that made the choice for us. We let that inner battle be won by something that doesn't have our best interests in mind. It wants what it wants when it wants it.

Overeaters Anonymous has some very good books full of helpful thoughts and the stories of personal battles that make mine look like nothing. I read some in this book most days of the week and always come away thinking "If that person can overcome, so can I".  We all have our mountains and mine looks pretty big to me sometimes.

I am really finding low-carb eating quite enjoyable. I am losing weight although slowly but I don't care. I never have that craving, awful, anxious, panicked hunger that was caused by the way carbohydrates caused spikes in blood sugar followed by deep drops in blood sugar. I have plenty of energy for aerobics without the "drag" caused by too much blood sugar. I also do not have the bad taste from ketosis but I am sure that is because I haven't cut carbohydrates so low that I am in ketosis. If any of you have ever followed Atkins you know of the first week or two being so low in carbs that you were tired and had the bad taste and bad breath. I didn't do that. I just stopped eating refined sugar first. I eat very little bread and the bread I do eat is Ezekiel bread that has no flour and is made from sprouted grains. I haven't been a purist - I had a sandwich from Arby's for supper yesterday but got no fries or drink. I had my bottle of water with me.

Who/What is making your choices today? Is it you?


  1. I've been choosing to eat more organic food and less processed food. I try to make more and more changes as time goes on. I didn't start out doing everything right. It has always been a gradual process.

  2. It is hard to change our habits but change we must if we want to reach our goals. Keep on doing the right things most of the time and success will be yours. Gradual is better. How many times have we lost weight quickly only to gain it back plus some. I would rather lose one pound a week that stays off rather that lose 10 pounds and gain back 11. I am your cheerleader!!

  3. Hi Myra. I found your blog through a comment you left on Karens blog.

    I too love Ezekiel bread. It is so filling and delicious.

  4. It's good to hear from you. I am finding low carb eating to be what's working for me and the Ezekiel bread fits right in with the whole glycemic index way of eating. Best wishes.

  5. No matter what we say...it is us making the choices. When we try to blame it on outside forces it only gives us an excuse to carry on in a unhealthy manner.

  6. Sometimes we make choices without first thinking things through. We let an automatic response override our desire to lose weight and do something rash. I can't tell you how many times I have been caught off guard and made a poor choice. I'm getting better as I hope you are. -Myra