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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let go or be Dragged

Not a pleasant thought. I picture a pickup truck and some hapless person being dragged through the dust unable to let go of it. Remember those old westerns when someone would fall off of the horse and get a foot caught in a  stirrup and then dragged over rough terrain?

If we could just let go of this attachment to things that will drag us toward an early death, diabetes, heart problems, unhappiness and all of the things we have read and heard over and over and over and over. Have you ever heard someone talk about being dragged "kicking and screaming"? Not us. We look forward to big eating events. We even start early. I refer you to my pre-cheating post. We talk about food. We talk about the wonderful restaurants. We recall dreamily what we had to eat on some cruise or vacation. We are not being dragged, we are out in front of the horse and it is having trouble keeping up. Maybe we need to do more kicking and screaming and less drag racing.


  1. Wow, love this post. Yes, we're not kicking and screaming...sometimes we are leading the charge. Hmmm, I'll be thinking about this today.

  2. Thank you Darla. You are a welcome addition. We should be throwing a fit about what gets in our way.