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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just a Minute - I'm Eating


Anybody besides me eat to put off doing something we know we should be doing but don't want to? I hate housework. Have you ever had dishes to do, laundry piled up, dust you could write your name in, can't see through the windows, stuff knee deep on the floor, and it's staring at you to be done and you decide you better eat something?

I am basically a lazy person. I have to be committed to someone or something else for getting something done. There has to be a deadline. Someone has to be noticing if I am accomplishing anything.  I could never sell real estate or insurance because those people set their own workday and are self-starters. I take on too many commitments as a rule because I don't know when to quit - is this a trait of people with eating problems? How long of a stretch can you sit still and do nothing but maybe watch TV or read? This isn't a real calorie burner I have found.

I do love flowers, so, of course, I have more flower beds and flowers than a small army could handle. If I get on a daylily kick, for example, I think I have to have every color - same with clematis vines, etc. I love to quilt, so, of course, I have stacks of fabric that should last me until oh, say, the next Haley's Comet passes by. I have so much food around this place. I have thrown out more celery and other produce than I care to think about. If there is some kind of disaster, all of you are invited to my house, I've got the canned goods to cover it.

Do any of you eat as a means of procrastination? Can you identify with any of these other stunts of mine?


  1. I used to eat to procrastinate. Not any more. As for household chores, I'm on laundry detail. My new rule is I don't take it off the line unless I'm willing to put it away, and I'm not allowed to sit down unless it's put away after being folded.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm not the type of person who suffers from guilt from eating/lack of exercise, in fact I wish that I would have a bit of guilt about it. Maybe it would help. I plan to post tomorrow the nutritional breakdown of my food.

  2. This is me through and through. It's taken me years to come to the realization that I have to have a set schedule or things all go to crap. If I have some time to myself, I eat instead of doing other things. I am a licensed child care provider. There are 90 sweet minutes during my day when the children are napping. Normally I would eat like crazy during that time, putting off the lunch dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc. I really had to make a rigid schedule for myself for what I needed to accomplish in those 90 minutes before I stopped that behavior.

    Excellent post!!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  3. I admit that I'm a Class A Procrastinator. I hate housework, too, and will do almost anything to keep from cleaning. But, using eating as a means of procrastination is something I've never done.

    I am quite good at watching tv or reading for long stretches of time. And when I take on a project or a new hobby, I go way overboard. Taught myself to crochet, I now have 8 full huge boxes of yarn in the attic. Wanted to make jewelry, I have cases of beads and findings. Volunteered for a non-profit, now I'm VP, help with website, write newsletter and a 100 other little things. Yah, maybe it's a trait of us overeaters, we over-do on everything!

    Let's learn to under-do on the eating!