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Thursday, March 31, 2011


5 Journaling Tips

1. Start journaling on any day of the year.

2. Set your journal where you see it every day: On the kitchen table, your desk or in your briefcase. This will help remind you to journal daily.

3. Keep a pen or pencil with your journal.

4. Skipping days is a part of journaling.

5. You can use the same color of pen or use different colors. You can also designate colors of pens for certain feelings, i.e., green for growth, blue for sadness, orange for joy, red for anger, you get the idea. If you are using different colored pens, write in the front of your journal what you decided each color signifies.

This journal can be picked up and written in when we are feeling stressed. I know blogging serves some of the same purposes but a journal would be easier to get to and perhaps there are things we wouldn't blog about that we can write about.

By journaling every day, we make time for ourselves, and in so many ways our journal becomes a treasured keepsake. Keeping a recovery journal can reduce stress, help focus and organize us, and becomes a good reminder, helping us to set and track goals. Comparing and exploring the different times of our lives is easy with a journal.

Sometimes we throw away that piece of paper where we kept track of our eating, exercising, etc. Why not save it and scrapbook it? You can create something on the computer for this and make a scrapbook page for each day.


  1. I have journalled most of my long life (but I still don't know how to spell "journalled"! Your suggestions are great ones. I've not used a consistent color code - and I like that idea!

  2. Hi Myra, great to "see" you - thanks for visiting my blog! I look forward to reading more here!

  3. Super ideas. I love the one about multi-colored ink. It breaks up monotony, too, which journaling can become.

    I agree that a person will miss a few days. They shouldn't beat themselves up. Those of us with disordered eating beat ourselves up too much, anyway. Don't add one more thing.

    Thanks for posting this.

  4. I love journaling, it helps you figure everything out in your head and just get it out on paper. That's why I like my blog, it forces me to sit down every day and think about my weight loss.

  5. Great post Myra! Kelly at Happy Texan's was just talking about how journalling gives us a birds-eye view into our diet so we can easily see where there are nutrient deficits. I especially liked you #1. So many people seem to be waiting for some magic day to take contol of their diet and it often never seems to come. Seize the day!