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Thursday, March 10, 2011

In the Car

I am covering for someone on vacation this week. I am doing the ATM route which takes 9 hours and over 300 miles so eating presents a problem. I used to take some Atkins Bars and some almonds. I would make a PBJ sandwich on my Ezekiel bread using natural peanut butter and sugar free jelly. I also took an Atkins shake with me. My problem is that it is there and in easy reach and I know it will be gone by oh say 10 am or so. I decided to just buy a sandwich somewhere and not take anything but breakfast with me - the PBJ. I also took plenty of water. I have kept my cooler in the trunk before with all the goodies in it so I couldn't get to it and would have to stop the car, get out, and go around and get it. It's crazy how it is on my mind if I know it is there.

It does get expensive buying lunch every day but that is better than munching for 9 hours (at least until 10 a.m. anyway). Do any of you spend a lot of time in the car? If so, how do you manage the eating? Fast food just doesn't appeal to me anymore for some reason. Subway is about the only place to get something that helps rather than hinders. I know some other places have salads but I want a REAL salad. When I make a salad at home I clean out the refrigerator. Lettuce with some salad dressing on it just doesn't get it in my opinion.

I know you were looking forward to some more elephant jokes but I'm pacing myself.  :-)

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  1. LOL - Elephant jokes. I don't spend a lot of time in my car thankfully, but I do agree on Subway. Sorry I can't be of more help.