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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Get Up and Dust Yourself Off

Ever tried.
Ever failed.
No matter.
Try again.
Fail again.
Fail better. - Samuel Beckett

If I'm faced in the right direction and fall on my face, I've made progress. -Unknown

Fail better - interesting concept. Don't fail as badly as before. Was the last binge or time away from our senses shorter than before? I can honestly say "yes" to this. I used to really binge- binge to being sick at my stomach. I don't do that anymore. I have short sessions of overeating (especially if I drink wine). I have quit having it in the house. Have you tasted Oliver Soft Red? I can drink the whole bottle - have done so more than once. Eating just goes with drinking alcohol somehow - so - out it goes. I have poured the rest of the bottle down the sink before so I wouldn't drink it. Scripture says not to get drunk - but where is the line? The first miracle of Jesus was turning water to wine at a wedding so I would think that having a glass of wine is not a sin - but the whole bottle is pushing it. I remember once before I retired from teaching at Christmas I had all this candy, cookies, fudge to bring home from school. It was gifts from students. I mean boxes of chocolate covered cherries, platters of cookies and fudge. Before I got home, I stopped on Main Street in town and put it all in a trash can because I knew what was going to happen if I got home with it. Gluttony is a sin too.

We can do this.


  1. Right now I've got a bowl of jelly beans in the living room in a pretty candy bowl. It looks nice, but it's gonna have to go because I can't walk by it without grabbing a couple. Once or twice wouldn't hurt me, but a dozen times will add up!

  2. Oh - how you speak the truth. It isn't good for anyone - even skinny Johnny. We usually fool ourselves by saying we are buying it for the family and guests but we are buying it for us if we are honest.

  3. That trick went out the window a long time ago with me as the kids don't live at home any more. Sometimes I can have say, chocolate, in the house for ages and then all of a sudden...so best not to have it there at all.

  4. Thanks for following my blog! Following yours now too.

  5. Darla - we have to be realistic and know our limitations and weaknesses. We must be proactive and prevent rather than repair.

    Welcome Kristi - I enjoy all the blogs I read and learn so much from others. If anything, it just helps to not feel so alone in this battle.

  6. Hey there! I just found your blog tonight and LOVE this post. It kind of hits home with where I am at the moment. We're all human so we're going to slip up and "fail" every now and then, but if we just "fail better" every time, we're still making progress. I like that :)