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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Dreaded Rut

I know from past experience that one reason I have gotten off track is because I have allowed myself to fall into a rut with what I eat. I would not take time to plan, pick out a new recipe every now and then, make sure I have all the ingredients, and get it prepared. I would get so sick of cottage cheese and tuna. The thought of more carrots and celery was depressing. I would wait until I was so very hungry and then just settle for what I could grab. Then I wasn't satisfied and wished I had done a better job of planning my food.

Which reminds me - that also is another characteristic of skinny people. They don't waste their hunger on mediocre stuff. Even if very hungry they will wait for something they will really enjoy.  I have seen really hungry skinny people say that nothing sounds good and not eat. They planned to wait until something sounded great. We will stand at the sink and eat. Eat in the car. One of the recommendations I have read is that we should wait until we can focus on the meal and what we are eating. Turn off the TV, sit at the table, and have a nice place setting so we will feel like we have "dined". When we are watching TV, we are dividing our attention. Have you ever forgotten what you had eaten that day because it just blended in with everything else going on at the time?

We have become so busy and on the run that families rarely eat together like we did back in the day. When I was young nothing was open on Sunday. We usually had a family dinner at a grandparent's house. We sat around the table. Have you noticed our lack of table manners? I had a student of mine tell me once that his mother tried very hard to at least have the family eat together on Sunday - once a week. Do you have any Amish families in your area? We could learn a lot from them. I have never seen a fat, Amish person. Maybe we should go back to raising and killing our own food? Since that isn't going to happen at this house and we must live in reality, it is going to take renewed effort to make food/eating special - something to prepare for, enjoyed for what it is, stay in the moment, and relax. Staying in the "now" turned around will be "won".

A little humor (I know, very little).

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.


  1. We make an effort to eat together every day. I know my children are still young (6 and 2) but dinner time is a time for all of us to discuss our day (even the youngest). We have the undivided attention of each other which doesn't happen often throughout the day.

    My husband and I also feel that doing this with our children now will help form a foundation for them to do this with their children one day.

    We cherish this time (whether at home or at a restaurant) and I for one love that we're not a family who can't figure out what to say to each other.

    I really like this post - also you're right about people who are more fit and how they eat. When I binge it is NEVER at the dinner table. Maybe my new rule should be "no eating unless I'm at a table." I like that.

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  2. Great post. I find that eating dinner at the table helps me a lot. As a child we always ate at the table and when I had my kids we ate at the table too. Now it's just me and my hubby and we started eating in front of the tv, but now because of a Blogger Challenge I started back at the table and I love it. IMHO children really should eat at the table.

  3. I saw a comment that you made on Tish's blog, so came over to check. Excellent post. The longer I stay with this journey, the more I understand the power of being present. I will be back to check on you!