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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caution: Danger Ahead

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

What are the signs that we are about to boof things up?  There seems to be a pretty predictable sequence of events that should send up the red flag which causes us to send up the white flag.

1. boredom
2. poor planning or none at all
3. bad attitude
4. lack of exercise
5. we aren't getting enough water
6. tired
7. our routine gets interrupted
8. the hunger has become more than we feel like we can withstand
9. all or nothing mindset

Add any others that are your caution signs.

How can we sidestep what we know is about to happen? Remember that if food is not the problem eating is not the answer.

It's obvious what needs to be done to avoid the difficulty we are walking into with eyes wide open. Why don't we do something about it before it goes too far? The scientific term for this is appetitus gigantus (I made that up).

Which one(s) of these are your caution signs and what will you do to avoid them?

1 comment:

  1. "appetitus gigantus" That's wonderful.

    All of the things you listed have been triggers for me at one time or another. If it's not presumptuous, I'd like to say flat-out anger, which you probably cover under "bad attitude," actually. That's a big one for me, because I usually "eat" my anger--hence food. Definitely a bad attitude needs to be soothed somehow, and people with disordered eating seem always to return to their old friend (enemy?), food.

    Women especially, who aren't allowed to express any dissatisfaction, let alone anger, are at great risk for this, don't you think? The others, I'd say both of us, men and women, are equally at risk for.

    Good post!