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Friday, February 25, 2011

To, For

What if we started considering our food before we eat it in the light of "Will this do something TO me or will it do something FOR me?"

Let's start with cake and ice cream for dessert. Sweet and wonderful. Warm pie with vanilla ice cream - is there anything better? My cousin's wife would be thrown out of the family reunion if she didn't bring her "Better than Sex" cake. Did you read my food porn entry a couple days ago? This is a chocolate cake with holes poked in it then eagle brand milk and caramel ice cream topping all over it so it sinks into the holes, then covered with cool whip and chipped butterfinger bars. This may not be exactly how it's done but you get my point. Is your mouth watering? Are you picturing this confection? Do you want to make one yourself?

People scrape the pan; I have to be quick to get some. What does this do to my body after it gets past my taste buds (which is where the enjoyment ends). Of course I have already eaten too much but I won't get that cake for another year for crying out loud. I could die or something. My pancreas will secrete insulin to deal with all this blood sugar that it is now faced with. I have overtaxed my pancreas so many times it's a wonder the little bugger still works at all. Insulin is the body's signal to store fat. We need to keep our insulin levels low if we want to lose weight. This food will do TO me things I abhor. More stored fat, weakened pancreas setting me up for diabetes, a sick feeling, tired, depression and regret and now it is more difficult to start eating sensibly as craving sets in. I will probably eat again later because the body prefers carbs for energy - so the meal has been dealt with, the carbs that couldn't be used for energy and stored in the liver are in the fat cells and guess what? Hungry again.

Last year I did better. I didn't overeat at the meal and saved room for the cake. I only had about half of a slice. Skipping that cake? That would have been better but remember moderation in all things. I guess half a slice of that cake per year won't do too much damage.

On a day to day basis though fruit or yogurt is a good dessert. There are some sugar free puddings and jellos that are good. These choices will do things FOR you by contributing to your health and reaching your goals.

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