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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!!

On Saturday mornings from 11 until noon Dr. Van Merkle, Chiropractor, has a "back to health" show on the radio - 95.7 - if you can ever listen it is well worth your time. As a chiropractor, he does not write prescriptions. He feels that if the body is healthy, it will heal itself and be strong enough to ward off disease and illness.


The above is his web site. He does evaluations, even hair samples, to determine deficiencies.

Anyway - today he was comparing the body to a house. Those of us who are Christians have always heard our bodies referred to as a temple but Dr. Merkle said if our house has a leak, we would get it fixed. If the air conditioner or furnace were out of commission, repairs would be made. We even do preventative maintenance so as to prevent problems. I remember years ago one of my little Sunday School boys said that smoking was like burning down your house. How right he was.

We should all take better care of our houses. We live in there for crying out loud. This really has nothing to do with the Super Bowl - let's try not to overdo it or damage our home.

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