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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Learn From Our Mistakes

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
Henry Ford
We talk to ourselves in ways we would never allow others to talk to us.
I had to replace a receipt printer on an ATM at a truck stop. There was a young man there who had  somewhat of a stutter - hardly noticeable. He was very kind and helpful. As he was replacing one of the screws on the machine, he made a mistake and commented, "I am stupid". I quickly pointed out that he was not stupid. I know it made my dad mad if the four of us kids called each other stupid. He was a very proud man, and he didn't  like to hear that word spoken of another person.

I am sure our self-respect, to a large degree, is at the bottom of our over-eating habits. Who cares? We care about the feelings of others but when it comes to the way we talk to ourselves, we can say some pretty hateful things. I think I should make a better effort at even things like putting on make-up and getting rid of some of these rags I call clothes. I had a student once who dressed up on test days. She said she did better on her exams if she felt like she looked good. Would I do better with my eating if I would take the time to take care of my appearance? I've seen women out in public in tight, sloppy sweat pants - heavy women - bag of doorknobs, smuggling jello, thunder thighs. I have seen more butt cracks than I care to because the jeans just wouldn't go up or it was a girl in guy jeans. I have to admit I have done that before. When I see that I make a mental note not to ever do that again. I have gone out in public and prayed I would not run into anybody I knew. I have seen people in a store and before they noticed me I took a hard right or left before they saw me so I wouldn't have to engage in a conversation. I will work on this. You too?

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  1. Boy, can I relate! Now that I'm working at home full time there are many, I'd say most, days when I don't bother to put on makeup all day. I'm sitting at my computer most of the day, so who cares how I look? Maybe I should work on that too. :-)