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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhog Day

Yesterday was Groundhog Day, forever immortalized in the 1993 movie as the day of second (and third and fourth) chances.  In the movie, Bill Murray’s character gets to relive that one day over and over again.  Initially he takes advantage of the situation, but eventually he begins to reexamine his life and priorities.  And the movie ends happily ever after.

What would you change if you could go back to any one day in the past and do things differently?  Would you choose to take the chance that you passed up:  the blind date or job offer or new class at the gym?  Or some other missed opportunity?  Would you choose your most embarrassing moment and ensure it never happens?  Would you play the lottery knowing which numbers would win or buy stock that you knew would make you rich?  Would you refrain from eating the cupcake that sent you on a month-long binge?   Would you use the opportunity for personal gain or personal growth, like the character in the movie?  Is there something you would do over – or nothing?

I have sometimes imagined how my life might have been if I had done things differently.  If  I’d not turned down the invitation to my first girl/boy party.  If  I’d gone to a different college, better suited for me.  If  I’d not moved halfway across the country.  But then I realize that all that I have done brought me to my life today and the people in it.

But this year I can’t help thinking about where I am on my quest for a healthy lifestyle and what second chances I might take on that journey.  Is there one day I’d live over?  Probably not.  But there are some longer periods of time that I can clearly pinpoint in the last year or two when I seemed to shift from moving forwards to moving backwards.  I’d love to change those.  And I can actually remember some things I ate, yes, the actual food I put into my mouth, that led to a binge that led to a long slippery slope of weight regain.  Would I take a do-over if I could?  Yes, for this I think I would.

So my questions for you today are these:  Is there anything you would go back and change on your road to a healthy lifestyle?  Or anything else in your life you’d like to do over, if you could?

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