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Friday, February 18, 2011

Feel Your Feelings

It has already been established that the subconscious force of food compulsion is made up of unprocessed feelings. You seek, when you overeat to contain the emotions that swirl within you--to put them somewhere, to put a lid on them, or to make yourself numb so you won't have to feel them at all.

What makes your emotions different, remember, is not what you feel. What makes your emotions different is how you process them. . . .and sometimes how you cannot process them. For the food addict, feelings that can and should be processed in the mind are often displaced onto the body, where they cannot be processed and therefore remain stored within your flesh.

The only way to remove the weight of unprocessed feelings is to allow yourself to actually feel them. Once again, childhood patterns are the issue. Someone else's love and understanding--and for a child, that someone else is the parent--provides a container for our feelings. Later in life, if such a container were absent in childhood, the overeater tends to seek through excessive eating the containment that food cannot give.

Parental love is meant to be a model for Divine love. When parental love holds us safe, we more easily transfer as adults  to a sense that we are safe in the arms of the Divine. If you didn't feel that you could safely take your feelings to your parent figure, it's doubtful you feel now that you can give all your feelings to God.

Feelings that are not acknowledged cannot be fully felt. How can you fully feel something that you fail to name? I feel sad, I feel embarrassed, I feel overwhelmed, I feel humiliated, I feel angry, I feel afraid, I feel rejected, I feel left out, I feel betrayhed, I feel wronged, I feel insulted, I feel hopeless, I feel anxious, I feel frustrated, I feel guilty, I feel lonely. . .too often translate into:  I feel hungry.

Darn right you're hungry, but not for food.    (to be continued)

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