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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do We Want the Government Knowing Our Weight?






Electronic health records - who will see them? Insurance companies? Potential employers? Can anyone think of anything that the government runs well? Is BMI the only indicator of health? Remember when Nancy Pelosi said that we have to pass the bill so we can see what's in it?

This would be a part of Obamacare which has been ruled unconstitutional. That bill was passed and nobody read it. Obama has admitted that there were no shovel ready jobs as he stated when promoting the stimulus bill. He also said concerning his health care plan that if you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor; if you liked your insurance company; you could stay with your insurance company. The public option however would put insurance companies out of business. Employers would drop that benefit because they would know their employees could sign up for the public option. He and his liberal buddies think Americans are stupid and must be told what to do and since they know what's best they are the ones to do that.

I can see insurance companies basing rates on a person's BMI. I can also see an employer making an obese employee paying more toward health insurance. The government would make such a mess of this. We can't let it happen.

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