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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dare to Dream

When you overeat, you show a lack of mercy for yourself. By reclaiming the compassion that is natural to your true self, you will learn to eat moderately as an expression of self-love. If and when you fall off the wagon--times when, despite your efforts, you can't resist the urge to eat self-destructively--you will begin to say "Oops" with a light-hearted acceptance rather than a groan of despair. And that will decrease the chances that it will happen again, for you will have stopped fueling self-hate with more self-hate.

Your Dreams Are Important

A healthy person is constantly dreaming up the next best thing. . .from what video would be fun to watch tonight, to whom it would be good to call on the telephone later, to where it would be pleasurable to go for the weekend. But if you don't listen to yourself, then how do you know what you think is the right place to go or the right thing, then you're prone to doing the wrong thing. And that includes what you eat and don't eat.

Someone, somewhere didn't listen to your heart, and as a consequence you stopped listening to it, too. It doesn't matter that Mommy or Daddy or your siblings or your teachers or whoever else didn't value your dreams. God did, and He does. It's time for you to start thinking like God whenever you think about anything. . .including yourself.

Dear God,
Please show me how to honor myself.
Please teach me how to listen to myself.
Please program my mind to know itself,
that I might at last be free.
Teach me to appreciate
Your Spirit that lives within me.
Show me how to be good to myself,
that I might know more fully
the goodness of life.

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