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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where's the Fire?

What's the hurry? I used to get so sick of hearing that the weight wasn't gained in two weeks and it won't be lost in two weeks either. I know that. Shut up.

However, it's true. I must again recommend a book I am reading - Why We Get Fat and What to do About It by Gary Taubes - He completely puts to rest that calories in/calories out myth. You will be so thankful that you read this book and will buy me presents for recommending it. I have it on my Kindle or I would offer to loan it - I guess that's the only downfall of books on Kindle but I do love that thing - buy that too.

There is a $139 version where you have to be in a hot spot in order to download things but with the $189 version downloads can happen anywhere. Amazon has same as cash arrangements now if that would help.

The weight will come off if we make lifestyle changes like giving up sugar - that stuff is poison. Read about it in the book.

Even if the weight comes off slowly at least we will be going in the right direction and at least we won't be getting bigger and bigger like we have been doing. If we want the weight to stay off we are going to have to live like this daily anyway so JUST DO IT!! We have to do the same things to keep off 5 pounds that we have to do to keep off 105 pounds so there you have it. We are such babies. Wah Wah Wah.

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  1. I did a post on this book a week or so ago - makes sense. My bariatric surgeon calls sugar the same thing - poison. Sure don't taste like poison...