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Friday, January 7, 2011

Buffalo Wild Wings!

Wednesday I had the heel of the loaf of bread (the best part imho) with some peanut butter smeared on it for breakfast. For lunch Duane and I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and I ordered Chicken Quesa Dia and onion rings. I ate two of the four Quesa Dias and most of the onion rings dripping with ketchup. Duane got a couple before I karate chopped his wrist. I also had a real coke. I drink pop so rarely that diet drinks now taste like battery acid so I order the real thing. I figured I would not get any more growls and that would be the extent of food for the day. I took a nap so I stayed up later and I did growl about 11:30 p.m. so I had some Paul Newman salsa - black bean and corn on tortilla chips then I had a lite ice cream treat from Schwan for dessert. On Thursday I did not get a growl until about noon so had a salad and some leftover cranberry salad. It's not so bad waiting for the growl when I know I get to have what I want. It just takes some getting used to and I just have to realize I will probably eat only twice a day most days. I know of some people who have mastered the amount to eat so that growls come around when they want them to but I don't worry about that. I haven't gotten the exercise urge yet - any day now.

I am reading the funniest book ever! I rarely laugh out loud when reading books but this one is great.

You can even buy it used. I downloaded it onto my Kindle. A must read if you want a good laugh.

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