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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anxiety Monster

It's Tuesday and I weighed 220 lb. even this morning.  That's a 2 1/2 lb. loss since Saturday morning.  As we all know the rate slows and it gets old paying attention to what we eat but we have to decide what we want. The way I am eating helps with the boredom because I really do eat what I want. Waiting for the growl can get old but I think it will become a habit in time. It's nice to look forward being in the "teens" next time I weigh which will Saturday. I remember on Weight Watchers I would always fall into a rut which was my own fault but that is what happened. Following Atkins made me tired due to the lack of carbs. You will lose weight pretty comfortably if you will wait for the growl as much as you can.

An out-of-control appetite for food originates in your mind, not your body. While your mind is grasping hysterically for food, your stomach is often moaning, "Please, no more." As an overeater, you obviously eat excessively as a way of trying to calm the anxiety monster.

Your overeating is like a roller coaster in a horror house:

1. Anxiety - "I'm anxious about (job, marriage, debt, you fill it in).

2.  Effort to achieve calm:  "I'll eat this bag of chips."

3.  Anxiety - "I can't believe I just ate those chips."

4.  Effort to achieve calm - "I wonder what else there is to eat around here."

5.  Anxiety - "I feel so sick. And so screwed up. I hate myself."

The only way to break this cycle is to deconstruct it. The only way to truly tame your anxiety is to dissolve it. The only way to calm your hysteria is to reach beyond it to the source of inner peace. And the only force powerful enough to take you there is Divine Mind.

Many people call on God once a disaster has struck, yet the smart thing to do is to call on Him even before a disaster strikes. Fear can attach itself to the mortal but not to the Divine. When you call on God, you're not calling on a power outside yourself. You're calling on a power that dwells within you. Spirit makes your weight perfect because it makes everything perfect. You can't get rid of your compulsion, but Spirit can. And most important of all: once you ask it to, it will. It will remove your dysfunctional hunger by feeding you what you really want.

Assignment:  For three days morning and night, write this in your journal in your own handwriting 30 times in the morning and 30 times at night.

Dear God, please feed my hunger and restore my right mind.

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