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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Change Your Mind/Change Your Body

Your body is not separate from your mind so much as it is a reflection of it. As you change your mind, you change every cell in your body.

A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson has been a great tool for me. I recommend it highly. I have the book which I have read, underlined, etc., and the CD's to listen to as I drive. I do not have the meditations product. That's a little more New Age than I am. Prayer is my method.

Such thoughts as I am fat, I am ugly, and I hate my body are like commands given to your body to materialize accordingly. If you think negatively about your body your body will reflect your negativity. If you think lovingly about your body, then your body will reflect your love. And there is no such thing as a neutral thought. What is not love, is an attack. And what is love, is a miracle.

Let us now devote our bodies to be used for holy purposes. Holy purposes are love and love only, and as we devote our bodies to love, all that is not love can no longer hold sway within it. Whatever is dedicated to the purposes of love is protected from the energy of chaos.

Write down this line:  I eat in a way that supports my being of service to love.

That is a good one, by the way, to put on a Post-It and keep on your refrigerator door. (I don't want everyone coming and going to read something like this on my frig so I would probably keep it inside by Bible or somewhere where I would come across it daily).

Begin each day with a prayer:

Dear God,
As I awaken on this day, may my body and mind serve Your purposes.
May nothing but Your Spirit be upon me.
May my body be a temple to Your Spirit and a conduit of love.

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