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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Real You


There is more to life than the material world. There is a Divine possibility - by seeing that possibility, we can invoke it. Instead of allowing appearances to determine what you think is real, you can decide what you think is real; by doing so, you can cause a change in what you see.

Once you see who you really are, you will permit the real you to come forth.

This is neither theory nor theology. It's neither symbol nor metaphor nor hopeful fantasy. This lesson will be as real in your experience as you choose it to be, and to the extent that it is real for you, its effects will be real in your life. The real you is neither fat nor skinny. The real you is not a body at all, but rather a spirit....an energy..... in the Mind of God. The real you is a being of light, and therefore has no material density. As you align more and more with this truth of your being, this higher reality will permeate all aspects of your life. The more you identify with the light of your being, the lighter you will feel. You will materialize a lighter body when you have a more light-filled mind.

Fear literally weighs you down, but love en-lightens you. Any subject, energy, circumstance, thought, feeling, interpretation, perspective, goal, substance, or relationship that fosters fear in you is something that feeds your compulsion, because compulsion is your fallback position in the presence of fear. The question is:  What are you afraid of?

The first answer that suggests itself is that you are afraid of being even heavier, of never getting your eating under control, of never getting this monkey off your back and so forth. But beneath that fear is an even deeper one. Your deepest fear isn't of being fat; your deepest fear is of being thin. Your deepest fear is of being beautiful.

For many people, compulsive eating is tied to a fear of sex and of being sexy. In particular, the number of women whose excess weight can be almost directly traced to sexual abuse is significant. When I was beautiful, I was molested.   Or, When I was beautiful, I was raped. Or, When I'm beautiful, I don't know how to handle the sexual attention. Such thoughts run rampant through the minds of many who are overweight, men as well as women.

If the idea of being skinny frightens you, there's no point trying to get rid of what your subconscious mind has created as your security blanket. For subconsciously, you will not let it go. There are many ways to hide, and weight is one of them. Some people hide behind a wall of weight as a refuge from the risk of inappropriate or even criminal sexual contact.

If these dark shadows of sexuality lurk behind your fear of being thin, then the way to disperse those shadows is not to deny your sexuality, but to purify it of error. Sometimes that means forgiving someone else, and sometimes it means forgiving yourself.

Certainly feminism has helped empower women, the women's movement has liberated us to actualize more of our human potential, and the modern view of women has helped us right injustices like the subjugation and oppression of females. At the same time, however, there are certain cultural attitudes more endemic to former times that served us well, the absence of which has left us exposed to energies no woman should be exposed to. Freedom and license are two very different words, and the sexual freedom of the 1960's--while in many ways a wonderful form of liberation indeed--carried with it, as most things do, some hidden potential for misuse.

Modesty is not just some old-fashioned we-don't-need-this-anymore value; it is a spiritual energy that dignifies and protects female sexuality from both abuse by men and misuse by women. Casual sex is not just wrong for some moralistic reason; it's wrong because it violates something profound and extraordinary by cheapening its value. "Starting too young" is not just wrong because of societal attitudes; it's wrong because the brain of a young teenager (and certainly those younger than that) is not developed enough, and the personality of that young of a person is not experienced enough, to integrate such a powerful experience in the most meaningful way. We have been left exposed over the last few decades to a hell-posing-as-heaven of sexual license, leaving us feeling not so much liberated as unprotected. Many walls were torn down that we then made subconscious and dysfunctional efforts to build back up. Packing on pounds is one of them.

As your fear is reduced, your body will reduce itself. When you no longer fear the world so much, you will be more comfortable dwelling in it. Dwelling more comfortably in the world, you will begin to dwell more comfortably in your own skin. And dwelling more comfortably in your own skin, you will subconsciously create a more comfortable body.

Note:  This information is from Marianne Williamson's work. She is new age but she makes good points and causes thinking and self-examination.  Take what you can use and leave the rest.

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