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Monday, December 6, 2010

Eat Out of the Refrigerator

I saw a cute book title - IF YOU ARE GOING TO EAT OUT OF THE REFRIGERATOR, PULL UP A CHAIR. Without having read the book I thought maybe the message was, "sit down, slow down, and enjoy it". Have you ever noticed how fast we eat when we know we shouldn't but are going to go ahead and do so?" Do we just want to get it over with? Are we afraid someone will see us? Since we have already learned that this is doing violence to ourselves, are we really going to be hateful about it?

If we are going to eat, why not enjoy it? Remember the stomach cannot taste; after we swallow no more enjoyment from that bite - so we put another bite in our mouths before our mouth is empty from the previous bite. Have you ever nearly choked because of so much food in your mouth? OK - ASSIGNMENT - this is a pretty easy life change to make - do not put another bite of  food in your mouth until the present bite is gone and you have taken a sip from whatever you are drinking. Slow down - I read somewhere to count 20 chews before swallowing. I hate doing stuff life that. Just take smaller bites and chew slowly or you can count to 20 if you like. I heard a Weigh Down message where the gal said she never ate alone. Someone was there. When we overeat we want to be alone. We open cabinet doors so no one will hear. It is really hard to get cookies or chips out of a bag without making noise - believe me I have tried. Things that you have to unwrap are the worst. I read a book which said to NEVER eat out of a bag. There is no bottom. Take out what you intend to eat on a plate or in a bowl then go eat it. This will slow you down even if you do go back for more. No platters or serving bowls either. To set the tone for the meal even if you are alone, pray first. Set the table for just you and make it more formal. One of the things suggested in Marianne Williamson's book was to buy a new placement and place setting just for you and make it something beautiful. This will help you to make the transition to your true self that wants a new way to live.

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