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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Only the Divine is more powerful than fear, rendering powerless that which has rendered you powerless. Only Divine Mind can restore you to your right mind. Every thought that you yourself can manage your addiction, or get on top of it or make it go away, is a thought that will only lead you in time straight back into your addictive behavior.

That is why the message here is not "Don't think so much about food." The message is "Think more about God." Through a powerful shift in your relationship to God, your relationship to food will begin to shift as well. But turning your life over the Divine is more than a kinda-sorta-sometimes thing. It is a full-throttle willingness to let go of everything--every thought, every pattern, and every desire--that blocks love from entering you and extending through you. It is not enough to just transform some of your thoughts, or even your body. You'll get free, and remain free, only if you are willing to transform your life.

You will now begin to see how problematic situations that have little or nothing to do with food have everything to do with food, if they represent your blocks to love. It's a subtle but very powerful shift from "I turn this situation or that into the hands of God," to, as they say in AA, "I turn my life and will over to the care of God."  Unless your entire life is turned over, and not just your excessive eating, then your compulsion will always find fertile soil in which to grow back.

God is not your judge but your healer. It's not as though He's been unaware of your patterns, or of your suffering. He has simply been waiting for this day, when you would invite Him to enter and to do what only He can do.


Dear God,
My eyes have been opened to the nature of my disease.
I am powerless before food, and I realize that now.
I surrender to You both my pain and my compulsion.
Please do for me what I cannot do for myself.
Dear God, please overpower my false appetites and cast out my fear.
I thank you for Your love, which I know has blessed me.
I thank You for Your blessing, which I know will heal me.
And may my healing dear God, be of use to others in whatever way that You direct.


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