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Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Body is not the Enemy

The way he treats his body, you’d think he was renting.  ~Robert Brault, www.robertbrault.com

Our longest and deepest relationship is with our body.

If you treated your friends and family the way you treat your body, you would lose them all.

There are almost 3,000 artificial additives in food. Every time you eat or drink something that has a name you cannot spell, every time you cannot picture that ingredient in your mind's eye, you have ingested poison. The more toxic food and drink you ingest, the harder your body has to work to clear it out. If you eat and drink only junk food every day for years and years, your brain and body are losing the battle and you are developing illness. 

We are all spiritual beings in physical bodies. Whether or not you believe in God or eternity does not matter. What matters is that you understand that you are MORE than your physical self. You are a song, and a prayer, and a tear and more. You are original thought. You are  creator. You love, you learn. These are not physical traits. The state of your physical being does not change these truths.

Your body is not your enemy; it hasn't sabotaged your pleasure. It doesn't deserve your hate. You pour toxic poisonous food into it and your body works endlessly to clean it out.

And to heal. And when you do it gain, your body starts the whole process over.

Your body never says to you, "I hate what you're feeding me, I hate you." Instead, your body says, "I will make energy from what you have given me. I will move you closer to whatever you desire with the energy I make. I will gulp bad air and poisonous food and I will sit in one position even though it causes me pain,  if that is what you want me to do. I am here to serve you. I am your best and oldest friend in this lifetime. I know you when you are tired, and sad, and when you hate me, I will still take what you give me and make energy for you. I love you. I forgive you, I'm sorry if what I do is not enough. Thank you for being one with me."

Obese people have become enemies to their bodies. They view their bodies as traitors, ugly horrible things that have failed them.

Do you know the words to "Amazing Grace"?

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see

May your life be blessed in the new year. Let us all repent of the sin of gluttony. Read Ephesians 5:5 again. Our new year's resolution is not to lose weight, exercise, etc. Our new year's resolution is to be obedient and to trust in God.  Stay in the moment. Today is what matters. Tomorrow has enough troubles of its own.

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