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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just Do It!

There is no need to wait until we are doing well on a diet (4 letter word), losing weight, or even enthusiastic about any part of this journey - just go ahead with doing what needs to be done. I have a son who is a weight lifter and has been since high school (he is now 33). He does his lifting even if he doesn't feel well. He does his lifting even if he has been cutting wood all day. He does his lifting even if the Wellness Center will be closed that night - he will set an alarm and go in and lift at 6 a.m. He holds the school bench press record - 410 lbs. He broke the record at 360 lbs. and kept breaking his own record until he got it to 410 lbs. when he graduated. Does he always feel like lifting? I doubt it. Would he rather be doing something else at times? Sure. Why do we start whining if we don't lose 5 or 10 pounds each week? People who achieve a goal are willing to do whatever it takes. They keep on even when they don't feel like it. They don't quit if there is a setback or a time when they see no results. We are into drama. We are pretty good at making excuses. We would like people to think we have the slowest metabolism on the planet or even better - a glandular problem. It is our desk job (we sit too much); do we forget that there are many people with desk jobs who are not fat? We even act "naughty" and tell of our food indiscretions and those people will always help us feel better about it and even return the favor by telling us of their food indiscretions - even with a "can you top this?" attitude. One thing that has been sickening to me are these eating contests - wolfing down food to win a contest of some kind.

Anyway - let's think back to diets of the past. Remember when you started out and this time was going to be it. That first week was a pretty nice loss. The second week was not quite that much but you were carried through it because it was still new. At about the third or fourth week you were down into the real fat - not just water weight - this fat has gotten used to its home and is going to fight to stay there. The initial high has begun to wear off and with our "all or none" mindset that first slip is the beginning of the end. We gain back our weight plus a little more. How many times has this happened?

Don't diet. Wait for the growl. Eat what you want until satisfied. Wait until the growl before eating again. Eat slowly enjoying the food. Just open your eyes to what's actually happening and the day will come when you will simply no longer wish to hurt yourself. You will no longer want to overeat. You will be done with that, and something new will begin.

Probably nothing in the world arouses more false hopes than the first four hours of a diet.  ~Dan Bennett

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