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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eating Well

Our problem may not be that we eat so often, but that we do not eat well. Particularly in today's world, while it's easy to eat poorly, it's unnecessary. Today we're in the midst of a food revolution, and that is very good news for the compulsive overeater. Is it always easy, convenient, or inexpensive to make wise food choices? Perhaps not. But let's be very clear; it isn't easy, convenient, or inexpensive to be a food addict either. It's pretty expensive to be sick also. It isn't time to deny ourselves but rather to gift ourselves.

It's sad to realize, but the people who spend the most time with food tend to not be those taking cooking classes, learning creative recipes, or even eating the best meals. Even if the overeater is going to a fine restaurant in the evening, the chances are good he/she will have stuffed the body with so much junk food by late afternoon that the actual succulence of eating a good dinner and truly enjoying it will be denied. By the time the meal is eaten, the overeater will be feeding the psychological appetite, perhaps, but not the stomach, because it's already full. When it comes to the actual joy of eating, the overeater tends to be deprived.

Impatience is nothing but the fear mind trying to convince us it's hopeless and therefore we shouldn't even try. It's also the voice that tells us to eat the next bite before we've even finished chewing the last one, so remember that that voice is not our friend. We must be our friend now. And a friend is kind, so despite whatever self-disgust we feel, it is important that we be kind to ourselves.  We've turned unhealthy eating into a ritual, a kind of magical and secret ceremony in which we've looked to the darkness for what the darkness cannot provide.

There are many reasons, certainly, for why we might eat like an army is chasing us. Maybe we feel guilty about eating whatever we're eating and want to get it over with fast so no one sees us. Maybe there is so much despair associated with eating anything that we eat quickly in an effort to eat the despair. Maybe as a child we had to eat quickly simply in order to get enough food. Whatever the reason, bringing it forward is the first step toward becoming free of it. Use the tools in all this blog from the beginning. JUST DO IT!!!

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