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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Remember:  Our beauty already exists in the mind of God, and the more we claim it as already existing, the more quickly it will materialize. Our bodies today are the products of yesterday's thinking; as our thoughts change today, our bodies will be different tomorrow.

Own the power of your imagination. Do not be limited in any way at all by what you think of as possible, probable, or logical. You want a beautiful body? Go for it. Imagine it. Allow the image to permeate your consciousness, Embrace it. Do not hold it at bay. You want a bodybuilder's physique? Go for it. Embrace it. Own it. Open up the prison of your mind, and for once, with full permission given by yourself to yourself, allow yourself to want what you really want. If you ask yourself what you want and the answer is a second bowl of ice cream or a second slice of  cake. then ask yourself what you really want. You will find that as you own your desire for the body of your dreams, your desire for that second bowl of ice cream will begin to wane.

Dear God,

Please deliver me to my own true self.
Please make of my body a perfect container for who You created me to be.
And teach me how to live within it in happiness and peace.


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