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Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is a continuation of December 8.

If you feel afraid of the world, you feel a perverse comfort in a body that keeps the world at a distance. And that is where the real you comes in. The real you loves the world and doesn't want to keep it at a distance. You are here to love the world and for the world to love you. The real you doesn't perceive that fact within a sexual context, but within a spiritual one. The purity of your spirituality heals the toxicity of any sexual impurity in your past. Your real self is eternally innocent and eternally chaste. Nothing you have ever done and nothing that anyone has ever done to you could make imperfect what God created perfect. What God has created is both changeless and forever. The goodness and purity of your essential self is guaranteed for all time.

Your body at its perfect shape and weight already exists within Divine Mind, the realm of pure possibility, because all that is perfect dwells in Divine possibility. As an overweight person, you have given birth to the body of your suffering; it's time now to give birth to the body of your joy. The real you is not afraid of being thin, because she knows the real world is not a dangerous place and the real world is where she lives. The real world is simply love. The world is not made better by your hiding out, spiritually or physically.

A spiritual practice is your bridge back to the real you and to the real world. Through prayer, meditation, forgiveness, and compassion, you make conscious contact with your spiritual self, your most beautiful self, and hasten the process of your healing. Ask Divine Mind to remove any fear you have of being who you really are.

The more you align with the real you, the real you will make more of your choices. And the real you will always choose love. The choice to eat wisely is not important simply because it leads to an arguably more attractive you; it isn't important simply because it offers the possibility of a smaller dress size; it isn't even important simply because it's healthier. It's important because it's an act of love. It's a way that you feed who you want to be--the healthier you, the more beautiful you, the more comfortable you, the happier you. And what you feed, you will call forth. You are not truly feeding yourself when you eat excessively; in fact, you are withholding sustenance from yourself when you overeat, for in so doing, you are withholding love.

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