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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Growl Can't Tell Time

Yesterday it was 5:30 p.m. before my stomach growled!!!  I only had that one meal yesterday. Today my stomach growled a little after 10:30 a.m. so I will probably eat twice today. I notice that if I am committed to waiting for the growl and I know I will only be eating once or twice a day I want it to be something really good.

It's so easy to just graze - eating something each time I go through the kitchen. I feel especially virtuous if it's a piece of fruit - we all know we should have 3 - 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables but that cannot be if we are waiting for a growl before eating. It is easier if we accept there are no bad foods; we can have anything as long as we have waited for the growl. We can use our brains and choose wisely and eat a variety of foods however. Another thing to keep in mind is that fat doesn't make us fat, sugar makes us fat. High blood sugar is the body's signal to store fat. That's why diabetics are often too heavy and have trouble losing weight. Gwen Shamblin did a skit on one of the videos where she had us picture eating chocolate three times a day for a meal. Breakfast was a bowl of M & M's. Lunch was a plate of bite sized candy bars. Supper was more of the same. It did seem sickening.

I have a neighbor who was walking and using the Weight Watchers plan to lose weight. She works at IU East and told me that employees were going to have to pay more for medical insurance based on BMI. I think that is fair. Obesity contributes to so many health problems that are placing a burden on insurance companies. It provided the motivation for her to do something about her weight. I hope she is successful. I was not. I lost my weight twice with Weight Watchers and even lectured a class. The outside can change but if the inside does not, the recidivism rate is very high. I remember one of the clerks in a Weight Watchers class reached her goal weight with a loss of something like 140 lbs. The class had a party and she was the center of attention. It really threw her and she went out and gained it all back and quit Weight Watchers. I felt so bad for her. That's a lot of time, effort, and money to be for nothing. The emotional cost of that is staggering to me; I can understand thoughts of suicide in that case. I remember when I was younger wishing I would get really sick to I would lose weight. I don't know what a class costs now but the last time I went I think it was $8. Enough sadness. God's way is easier and lasts.

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