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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Altar

Developing your character...

It is something special to be around someone who has real character in all that they do. Below are 10 ways to build your character by adopting a positive attitude in achieving your own level of personal and business success.
1. Do it even if it's difficult.
2. Take responsibility for your choices, your actions and your consequences.
3. Know why you do what you do.
4. Be honest, and be true to your word, both with yourself and with others.
5. Know your strengths, and work from them. Know your weaknesses even better, and avoid feeding into them.
6. Recognize your choices and use them wisely.
7. Develop self-discipline and know how not to overdo it.
8. Develop the ability to luxuriate, know when it's time to stop, and be able to stop.
9. Know the difference between what you want and what you need.
10. Recognize and respect boundaries. Be clear about your own, and give equal value and weight to those of others. 

This was on my sister's blog. I stole it because I like the message. She won't care.  :-) Her blog is 

Let's try tweaking your faith. Believe, even if only for just a moment, that God will work a miracle in your life. Try having faith in that. He will take away your inappropriate and excessive desires for food; He will remove your false appetites and return your body to its natural wisdom; He will restore your life to purpose and joy. There is no spot in the universe that isn't filled, infused, permeated, and lifted up by the Divine. Your Creator can't be left out, except in your thinking. and Wherever He is left out in your thinking, He can't help you. Let Him help you lose weight, and He will.

The work of this lesson is to build an altar to the Divine. You will build a spiritual altar in your heart, and a physical altar in your home.  Fear already has an altar--it's called your kitchen. With this lesson, your assignment is to create a place in your home that will remind you that love, no fear, is the true power in your life. Every time you visit your altar, it will fortify love's power in your mind. And the more love fills your mind, the more miracles will fill your life. The altar should include a surface on which to place beautiful or meaningful objects that remind you of Spirit. Your journal,  pictures, holy books, statues, fresh flowers, sacred objects.

"Love the Lord thy God will all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy might" is the first commandment. . .and why? Because it is the key to right living. We should focus on Divine will because if we don't, then our focus will be given over to something else. That something else is neurosis, pathology, compulsion, and fear. In our separation from the thoughts of love, blind to the true Source of our good, we look for love in all the wrong places. That is idolatry. Eating has become a false idol for you.

Just for today wait for the growl, eat only until satisfied, wait for the growl before eating again. Take it one day at a time.

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