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Monday, November 15, 2010


I have been a compulsive eater, a compulsive dieter, a compulsive exerciser, a compulsive shopper - I don't know when to quit. If I get hooked on a flower like a daylily I think I must have every color available. What is it with me? One of the things I really hate is how much I think about food and eating. I have friends who tell me that they forget to eat. Are you kidding me? I watch the clock for when it is "time" to eat. We should only be eating when our stomach growls. That doesn't sound so hard but believe me it is. It gets easier with practice. It also means that we cannot plan or control because we don't know when our stomach will growl. People tell me that it becomes easier to get to growling if small amounts are eaten. It also may take a while the first time because we have been eating so much each time. So here's the goal - tomorrow let's all wait to eat the first time of the day until we get a good, strong growl. Remember the growl is above the waist where the stomach is. Email me the time and I will let everyone know. What you do the rest of the day is up to you. If we can get in the habit of waiting for the growl, we may only be eating 1 or 2 times a day because we have extra meals stored on our bodies. Our bodies will be moving fat into the bloodstream to be used as fuel which is what we want. Now don't pull a Myra and think "I better eat a bunch tonight if I have to wait for a growl tomorrow". You will growl sooner if you don't do that. If you go to the Weigh Down web site there is a free session Wednesday evening I believe. You can tune in at your computer and watch it. Gwen is very good and encouraging. My email is myrabaldwin@netzero.net - pray for strength, that God will calm you, and help you keep things in perspective.

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