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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Back to the idolatry thing - I have formed an idolatrous relationship with food. It is from being greedy (wanting more than I need) - read Ephesians 5:5 again. I have given powers that belong only to God to food and eating. We overeaters have come to believe the lie that food that is actually bad for us has the power to comfort, nurture, and sustain us. We must correct the lie. Only God can do these things. Compulsive eating involves two things: compulsion and food. We cannot end our compulsive eating by substituting another compulsive practice (like dieting).

Only the power of love can overcome the power of hate, and make no mistake about it:  our unhealthy eating is an act of self-hate. Overeating is a form of violence, and one of the mechanisms we are now dismantling is the habit of taking up the sword against ourselves--whether the sword be knife or fork.

We must commit to be kind to ourselves. Overeating is an emotionally violent act, and scolding ourselves for having done it is just inflicting further violence. Do not despair at slip-ups. They will become less and less frequent as we become less afraid and become more loving toward ourselves and others.

We must admit the truth that we have been resisting - we don't have the human capacity to fix this problem. In realizing the we can't heal ourselves, we will begin to consider Who can.

Dear God,

I praise you God for the mercy You have shown me
I have been greedy and idolatrous and I ask Your forgiveness
Thank you God for not giving me what I deserve and loving me in spite of my sin
I repent God and ask that you strengthen me in this battle
May each day find me more obedient to Your signals for hunger and fullness.
Only You can comfort and sustain me


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