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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Is Our Fear?

On your own, you might have changed your conscious thinking, but you alone cannot change your subconscious. And unless your subconscious mind is enrolled in your weight-loss efforts, it will find a way to reconstitute the excess weight regardless of what you do. Spirit alone has the power to positively and permanently reprogram both your conscious and subconscious mind.

It might seem odd to consider that fear is the source of your weight problem, and yet it is. As your mind is trained to let go of its fear, your body will let go of its excess pounds. It is not about your relationship with food; it is about your relationship with love. For love is your true healer. And miracles occur naturally in the presence of love.

Sometimes we need to admit the darkness within us, and at other times we need to admit the light. At the deepest level, it is not your food obsession that you most need to admit to yourself. At the deepest level, it is the memory of your Divine Light that you most need to admit to yourself. . .the light of God that lives within you as the gift that it is;  the solution to every problem, even this one.

The prayer:

Dear God,

Please free me from false appetites and take away my pain.

Take from me my compulsive self, and show me who I am.

Dear God,

Please give me a new beginning.

Unchain my heart so I might live a freer life at last.


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