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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Night Lie

 The Night Lie

Satan has most people just where he wants them:  deceived, year after year after year. You go to bed every night determined to be different. You get up every morning with the same resolve. You pray, and yet, at the end of the day and at the last minute you are presented by satan an opportunity to eat, and you make a rash decision. You have some thought that eating will be comforting and rest your body. You have some personal lie that grants you permission to either eat when you are not hungry or to eat beyond full. It allows you  to lust at night--just this one last time. This deceitful lie tells you to go ahead this time; it tells you that you can just eat a little and stop there. There will be no damage done. You go to bed disgusted and wake up to be different and believe that you will be different--so you don't feel too bad. Then you look up and you have listened to a circle of lies for 10, 20, 30 years or more. You are not changing. Your faith is not stronger.

But the truth is that you are not good at stopping when you are eating, because you were not hungry to start with; and if you are not hungry, where is full? You cannot find it when you are not hungry.  You are feeding head hunger and greed, and greed has no satiation. You have to use your own willpower to stop, and for most, willpower is slowly disappearing, because you can't seem to stop anyway. You do not ask God in on a late-night binge--you try not to know that you are doing it yourself. You are trying to deceive even yourself--so you eat quickly. You feel you must take care of yourself, that the food might not be there for you. This day you are going to eat because tomorrow you are going to eat a lot less. But then you don't. After years of this, don't you see that you are deceived by a set of lies that work on you?

How could the same lies work on someone every day? How have you managed to binge every night and wake up every day resolved to be different and yet are no different and if anything, greedier? How does someone fall for the lie at night? How could someone be so afraid to have a day that has less greed, less food, less lust, less shopping? What is this fear?  You need faith.

The above is from Weigh Down Workshop. If any of you reading this would like to take the beginning class "Exodus Out of Egypt" I would be glad to lead it. It is an 8 - week course. They want at least 3 people and the leader. The first time through is about $150 - you get the workbook, a set of CD's to listen to, and 8 weeks of class.  Class time consists of watching the video that week and discussion. The second time through is $75 and then classes are free. You would just need to purchase class materials. Let me know if any are interested. You can also take this class on-line but I like the support of others.

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  1. Before I had my surgery, I was always going to start "tomorrow" or "Monday" and boy, I was *really* gonna do it then! I'd last a day or two, and poof, the resolve was gone. Or, I'd do pretty well for a while, even lost about 40 lbs on Atkins, but I could never stick with it. Even now, after having had bypass surgery, after about two years out I have to watch it just as much as I ever did. True, I have far less capacity now and sweets nauseate me, so I have a couple of tools there that help immensely, but if I let it go I could still put weight back on, lots of people have. So, I have to be vigilant just like everyone else. It's a constant battle!