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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two (or three) Heads Are Better Than One

Veteran's Day. We see stories of American heroes everywhere on this day. The Wounded Warriors Project has an especially touching commercial. I signed up. Glad to give $19 a month. Many of them have given arms and legs.

Anyway - today has been a good day. I had breakfast with Mom at Carver's and we split a breakfast. I had a muffin with some peanut butter on it and grapes for lunch and had a banana at about 4 p.m. I will probably have a salad if hunger comes around later.

I must give credit to a couple of places where I am getting some of my information. Weigh Down Workshop founded by Gwen Shamblin has online classes. Just Google it and you will get there to look around. Gwen says you don't have to be religious to do this. We are all religious (do you have faith that you will overeat again?) I also have "A Course in Weight Loss" by Marianne Williamson. I am really enjoying the book and listening to her CD's as I drive my 300 miles a day on my route. She is a little more "New Age" than I am but my attitude is to take what I can use or what speaks to me and leave the rest.  Something she brings out really spoke to me - the only two emotions are love and fear.

What are we afraid of that keeps these pounds on us? I recommend Williamson's course. It's very good.

Neither poor diet nor lack of exercise is the cause of excess weight. Mind is cause; body is effect. The cause of excess weight is in the mind.

The cause of excess weight is fear, which is a place in the mind where love is blocked.

Fear expresses itself as subconscious urges, which then express themselves as either excessive and/or unhealthy eating habits and/or resistance to proper exercise. The ultimate effect of this--that is, excess weight--will only be permanently and fundamentally healed when the fear itself is rooted out.

Gwen Shamblin's philosophy is to wait for the growl and then eat what you want - stop when comfortable. Do not eat again until God's internal signal to eat occurs - the growl. God does not want us to put too much food in the body - it messes up what He made.

This is where my fear comes in. I get really anxious when I know I am getting empty but have not growled yet. I try to interpret every feeling within as a growl. How pathetic is that? Am I going to die? The growl will be above the waistline not below. Your stomach is up there.

OK - then I eat too fast. Why? Shouldn't I keep it in my mouth longer to truly chew and taste it?  The stomach cannot taste. Am I afraid I will get full before I eat all I want?

We have a lot of work to do folks.  Here's the prayer:

Dear God,

Please forgive me if I have failed to love every part of Your creation.
Open my eyes that I might see, soften my heart that I might love, open my mind that I might understand every aspect of myself.
Heal my relationship with all of me, that I might suffer no more such violence toward myself.
Please help me, for by myself I cannot win this war.
Please lift me above the battlefield to the peace that lies beyond.
Thank you God - Amen

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  1. Myra,
    I didn't think I'd post EVERY time, but I have to relate that God's working through you right now. This may have been written in November, but our priest spoke of hardened hearts in his homily the other day - I need to soften and open my heart! WOW!