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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Found this on a Blog

“Modern man is a self-certified genius who, having pinned the blue ribbon on his own lapel, proceeds to hand out all other awards, according as the various candidates are more or less like him.” -Hugh W Nibley
Yes we can learn from each other… so long as we approach one another with humility and sincerity. But if we live in our self-made ivory towers we aren’t any good to anyone.
My estimation is neither religion or secular science is the problem here. Guns don‘t kill people and white people aren’t the only racists in the world!
All of the problems we have in the world stem from the human condition known as pride. Religion doesn’t kill people, people kill people! (as long as that religion doesn’t actually teach people to kill, I know that Jesus never told anyone to kill another in his name).
It was prideful men who held the reigns of religion and did unspeakable things during the dark ages and today, but the teachings of Christ never justified killing or harming another.
If you want to play the religion is evil game then let us consider the communistic ATHIESTIC regimes that have murdered a 100 million people in the course of 100 years!
The commonality for most of our problems in the world stem from pride, thievery, lust, aspirations for power and unrighteous dominion over another. Whether it is some clergyman who lived long ago in a stone fortress or a secular Marxist statist today, the problem is in our nature.
It seems to me that whomever is at the reigns of power whether they be religious or secular they end up falling into the same pitfalls that many men in power have fallen into.
Who are the moralists that teach us to do no harm to another?  I can’t speak for the secular humanists, but for me it is the teachings of Christ that compel me to subdue the lusts of the flesh, my pride and ego.
Who among the secular humanists are taking the responsibility to fill the gap they are creating? By purging religion from the public square the impact of moralistic teaching is eroded. It is irresponsible to actively destroy the institution that teaches us morals only to NOT replace that void with something that will do the same job. A society needs morals and standards to have peace and to survive. It is the balance of the universe.


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  1. That's right. One atheist woman, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, started the downward spiral in our public schools with the 1963 Supreme Court decision that declared prayer and Bible reading in schools unconstitutional. Since then, we all know in what direction the quality of public education has gone. I don't believe for a minute that that is coincidental.